Comtech prepares for drastically different Angular.JS 2.0

Comtech has developed a number of web applications using AngularJS 1.2, RESTful Web Services and Node.js. AngularJS is one of the leading open-source JavaScript frameworks for web application development. Since its initial release, it has experienced considerable growth in adoption and community support from developers and corporations, and its implementation at Comtech is part of our commitment to implementing open-source technologies and solutions.

AngularJS has matured into a client-side framework well-suited for building complex single-page applications, while simplifying the development process. Version 2.0 was officially announced at the ng-conference as a replacement to the current stable version 1.3 – more a rewritten framework than a complex major update. The new version is expected to be focused on the development of mobile apps, with various core modules removed for better performance. They will remain in the AngularJS ecosystem of modules, meaning that parts can be chosen only as needed making for a lighter application.

Angular 2.0 will target modern ‘evergreen’ browsers (those automatically refreshed to the latest version of the site). Building for these browsers will allow Comtech developers to focus more time on logic related to our business domain, rather than spending time developing code to handle such browsers. Although no migration path has been announced from AngularJS 1.X to 2.0, the Comtech development team is excited to learn the new framework and enjoy the improvements in the development process it will bring.