Comtech develops content management tool (C3-PO)

Comtech has developed a product called Comtech Consolidated Content Point of Origin (C3-PO). C3-PO provides users with a simple unified point of access for indexed enterprise content stored across Shared Network Drives, Content Management Systems and Cloud Storage Systems. Users do not have to login or learn the system of storage syntax and can perform this search across all storage systems simultaneously. Users can search all of the enterprise’s content from a single interface without interacting with the storage system.

Comtech’s Enterprise Document Management System team developed C3-PO in September to replace user interfaces for Documentum provided by EMC Corporation. C3-PO is currently in use at the General Services Administration, residing on GSA servers and accessible anywhere within their Intranet.

The previous system was cumbersome to obtain licenses for, costly, slow and only permitted searches through Documentum. By contrast, C3-PO is free, quicker, and lightweight for searching across all systems, shared folders, Google drives etc.

The idea for C3-PO was first thought of during the government shutdown, triggering the development of a single point of access for enterprise content for GSA.