BlueCross BlueShield CareFirst FEPOC

Comtech holds a prime contract to deliver IT Services to the Blue Cross Blue Shield CareFirst – Federal Employee Program Operations Center (FEPOC). We deliver services under several major development initiatives within the FEPOC aimed at improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Since these development initiatives were expected to transpire over a period of three years, with different phases of the projects occurring in each individual year, FEPOC required a contractor who is committed to providing qualified staff across a wide range of technical disciplines in a timely manner. 

In particular, Comtech is engaged on initiatives such as: IPAA 5010, ICD-10, Member eService Portal, Customer Service and Benefit Scripting, Enrollment Process Improvements, PHI Monitoring and Tracking, Web Services, and quarterly maintenance releases. Comtech continues to provide analyses and recommendations to BlueCross BlueShield that lead to increases in customer satisfaction and efficiency.