New Local Public Private Partnership Investment Initiative.


Bridge P3 is an Internet-based technology initiative that is designed to foster expanded investments in cleaner energy technologies and projects and new sustainable infrastructure throughout the U.S. by providing a major new platform for municipalities to market their infrastructure opportunities for global investors.


Representing the connector for a public-private partnership, Bridge P3 is the first integrated platform connecting qualified accredited investors, private equity, venture capital, and other investment funds to government entities seeking to secure funding for projects of public interest. Investments primarily include infrastructure, low-income housing, service groups, health organizations, alternative energy, among other government initiatives.


In addition to connecting these groups, Bridge P3 provides an integrated range of services including advisory, extensive data analytics, market research and business intelligence on all projects available and deals transacted on the platform.


Use Case

Deploy the informational and database power of digital technology to address one of the most vital issues in combating Climate Change: the scaling of new infrastructure, including transportation, water, housing and sustainable energy developments in the U.S. and the need for greater public-private partnerships to fulfill these goals.


The Market

Government entities have historically struggled to promote and fundraise for public projects with qualified investors, and the latter are constantly seeking deal-flow and alternative, high-yield opportunities, resulting in a void in the marketplace that Bridge P3 will now occupy.


Bridge P3 will operate as a central hub where governmental bodies and local governments can go to pursue partnerships with the private sector in order to fulfill additional capital needs for the infrastructure and economic development projects and needs