In an effort to identify and realize opportunities for cost savings within government agencies environments for content/document management, the Comtech team developed the Comtech Consolidated Content Point of Origin (C3-PO). C3-PO’s purpose is to simplify enterprise content search and browse capabilities across various systems of storage, while providing cost savings tied to software licensing, maintenance renewals, and even support contracts. C3-PO provides users with a simple, unified point of access to enterprise content.

It has the ability to provide indexed access to content stored in a variety of ways. Without having to log in or learn the system of storage syntax, users can perform search and browse capabilities across numerous storage systems, allowing them to search and browse content from a single UI without having to directly interact with the system of storage.

C3-PO, in its first release, provides the following capabilities: 

  • Faceted search (which D2 does not) into Documentum, Shared Network Drive, and Google Drive
  • Browse into Documentum, Shared Network Drive, and Google Drive
  • View/download content
  • Access from any mobile device

As it relates to Documentum, C3-PO is not intended to displace D2 in its first release. Rather, it serves as a tool for those who are not power users and do not require the full functionalities of D2. It is an intuitive UI that enables faceted search and browse capabilities into Documentum, provides users with the D2 experience, limits the additional purchase of D2 licenses, and decreases annual renewal licenses tied to Webtop, CenterStage, and D2. Users access C3-PO via an URL/web browser. Its modern UX requires little to no training to use. It is a true thin client (no plug-in), Angular-based system, which supports Restful and SOAP services.