Happeninz was founded in July of 2013 out of the desire to create an open, communications platform for social interaction based on geographic locations. The predominantly popular social media platforms of today require acceptance from friends, family or require a user to follow individual people. Although admirable in their accomplishments, we believe this exclusivity discourages strangers from making connections and does not cover the use cases involved with addressing a large population in a specific location.


Our vision is to connect people automatically based on locations they are either physically located or choose to participate in, and then provide them the platform to interact via text, pictures, and video, all without the need to recruit followers. In essence, we are giving everyone a voice and chance to be heard based on their choice of location.


Some Use Cases for this Product

  • College Campus
  • Conferences/Concerts/Events
  • Emergencies/Relief Operations
  • Travel/Tourism/Culture-Learning
  • Location-based Marketing


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