Skilent is an in-house developed advanced social and analytics based sourcing platform to locate hidden niche talent. It evaluates and analyses profiles based on requirement criteria. It helps to slice of recruitment time substantially and assure quality resource pipeline. It also ensures the resource authenticity by involving social media. Skilent is capable of managing an interview process with audio and video integration.


The Use Case

  • Talent shortage forces companies to look at new ways of connecting with the prospective employees
  • Disruptive technologies and business models are demanding new skill sets and experience combinations which nearly do not exist
  • Just-in-time hiring and Contracting is becoming more prominent than building a lifelong employment base
  • Candidates are less likely to be disciplined about updating their profiles to seek jobs, but more “connected” on the social world; bringing personality to the fore which is informal and interest based



Our Approach


Create outreach to passive candidates

  • Blend in the social profile into professional qualifications
  • Create an outreach mechanism to be able to catch them in their comfort zone
  • Bake in their interest areas while doing fitment


Generate locational community

  • Build a geo-location based network to help candidates and recruiters interact at their convenience


Analytics based matching

  • Rating and Ranking on skills and interest areas
  • Candidates to job matching


Intuitive and Simplistic interface

  • Gamified, easy to pick up the look and feel, minimizing the need for ramp up and learning



The Market

Unique Value Proposition of our Strategic Staffing solution:

  • Proprietary platform to handle difficult to fill skills and hard to reach candidates
  • Social Media and Big Data Analytics based NextGen hiring engine
  • Justintime hiring through proprietary algorithm & analytics to map the profiles of candidates to the requirements 2 ways social to resumes, and profile to jobs
  • An active network of candidates through relationship and career-oriented approached from our Recruitment consultants
  • Low Turn Around Time (TAT) to fill positions especially niche skills