Comtech is a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman Corporation on the US Army Global Combat Support System (GCSS) contract. This is a cornerstone US Army logistics program that helps ensure that soldiers receive the right equipment and repair parts at the right time. Under the GCSS-Army (Field/Tactical) contract, Northrop Grumman’s Mission System sector implemented an enterprise system that provides the current status of all Army equipment and assets so that soldiers can best anticipate, allocate, and manage the flow of available resources.

  • GCSS-Army provides the Army’s Warfighter with a seamless flow of timely, accurate, accessible, actionable, and secure information not readily available today that gives combat forces a decisive edge.
  • GCSS-Army modernizes automated logistics by implementing best business practices to streamline supply operations, maintenance operations, property accountability, and logistics management and integration procedures in support of the Future Force transition path of the Army Campaign Plan.
  • This effort implements a comprehensive logistics automated solution for the field (deployable) Army and provide the commander on the battlefield with an integrated and interoperable end-to-end view of the logistics chain, equipment status, and asset visibility to support decisions that will affect the outcome of combat operations, combat power, and planning for future operations. This solution implements Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products from the company SAP AG.
  • This effort allows the Army to retire multiple custom designed standalone business software baselines optimized to existing Army business processes and replace them with a single integrated business software baseline that has been optimized to industry defined best business practices.
  • This effort eliminates the need for extensive maintenance and modification of aging, diverse software systems resulting in improved and efficient change control and configuration management through implementation of an enterprise system.