Cybersecurity has become an important dimension for every organization today. To address criticality and timely resolution of cyber vulnerabilities, Comtech has developed a platform where we project Indicators of Compromise(IoC) and share information on cybersecurity. We have an exclusive blog community that encourages open discussion on various aspects on trending topics in the area of Cyber Security. We encourage open, transparent and candid discussion.


Based on our solid experience in implementing various security solutions across Federal and Civilian space we have ideated and developed Vimanya. Vimanya is a collection of cloud-based platforms which provides Internet Cyber Security Status and Situational Awareness based on publicly available Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and other enriched meta-data.


Use Cases

Website IP Monitoring
  • Active real-time performance and availability monitoring which can provide an early indicator of unplanned outages or Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.
Predictive Analysis
  • Capability to derive highly probable future IOC netsets based on historical, trending data and Machine Learning.
Threat Intelligence
  • The process of understanding the threats to an organization based on available data points including an understanding of how the data relates to the organization. Teams must combine data points with contextual information to determine relevant threats to the business. Furthermore, TI is useful to an organization only if it is actionable. If a team cannot determine how to best respond, combat or mitigate a threat to the organization, then the information provides little, if any, value.


The Market

  • Security as a Service
  • Detection of Indicators of Compromise
  • Automated Responses to malicious activities on the Internet
  • Leverage latest tools: Threat Stop, Mine Meld
  • Zero Day Protection