Cyber Security Operations

Comtech believes that a strong operational security posture is key to obtaining and maintaining a secure Cyber environment.

The operational aspects of a successful Cyber Security Program represent the axle on which successful business communications revolve and are securely conducted. Comtech follows a well-defined approach model to preserve and defend digital resources. Moreover, Comtech has a proven track record in Cyber Security Operations and considers Operations as one of our core competencies.

The three cornerstones for  Operations:


Operations Life Cycle

Fault Tolerance

Cyber Security Operations Solutions:

  • Automation of Network Security Event Response to provide 24×7 Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC)
  • Simplify Cyber Security operations process by selecting the correct technology to implement and enforce a well-thought-out Cyber Security policy
  • Augment security protection with comprehensive detection and response capability for emerging threats
  • Automate responses to threats to offload common tasks currently being conducted by Network Security Engineers
  • Enrich and provide attribution to emerging indicators which will help align a proper response