GSA Infrastructure Technology Global Operations

Improving the management of GSA’s IT infrastructure and consolidating service offerings

GITGO is an IT Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract for a GSA user base of 17,000, with 11 geographically dispersed Regional Offices and hundreds of field sites. This work includes O&M of the IT infrastructure and systems to ensure the GSA staff have day-to-day stability and access to the tools needed to do their jobs. Comtech also works on projects that introduce new tools and systems that will keep GSA at the forefront of government agencies by increasing performance, security, efficiency, etc. and reducing costs.


Comtech currently manages an ITIL based service delivery infrastructure driven with PMP methodologies for the GSA OCIO. Overview of specific tasks performed includes Google mail cloud implementation; HSPD-12 Smart Card implementation; Active Directory System Administration and Support; Technical Support and Maintenance; Network Security; Voice and Video Services; Blackberry Services; E-mail and Collaboration Services; server Virtualization; Symantec Endpoint Encryption.

Comtech engineers design and develop IT infrastructure architecture and support all aspects of its deployment. Our engineers evaluate equipment and software and integrate new components to maintain the integrity and security required by company or agency policy and federal mandates. We support E-Mail Messaging Systems including client and webmail, anti-virus, anti-spam, and related messaging security applications, collaborative and groupware applications that support shared workspace environments and web conferencing.


Our engineers monitor and proactively maintain various components including E-mail Servers, Gateways, and Firewalls that constitute the email network. Our team provides support for identity management, provisioning management (workflow and access privileges of user credentials), designing and developing authentication and directory services solutions.


Comtech manages enterprise-wide voice and data communications infrastructure though a Network Operations Center (NOC). The support includes the wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN), remote access (RAS), including the internetworking and security services, as well as voice and video services. We also provide Blackberry and Thin Client support.


Our engineers provide design and operations services to configure remote access through VPNs, Citrix, and various Terminal Services. Comtech also develops, deploys and supports Tele-Work solutions to meet our customers’ needs for remote Personal Computers, Laptops, and Personal Digital Assistants.

Comtech supports necessary activities to operate an enterprise data center facility. In addition to managing the physical architecture of the data center, Comtech performs various network management operations for GSA. Comtech provides a high level of availability and reliability by fully leveraging management tools like vSphere 4, which has been used to virtualize the servers in the production environment. 
Comtech supports all hardware and software hosted at the GSA’s Enterprise Service Center  (ESC) with a documented process for installation and connectivity through the lifecycle of the system. This flow moves up the OSI model facilitating documentation of inventory, changes in the environment, maintaining security, managing systems and training personnel.

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Comtech has played a major role in the architecture design, coding, and implementation of highly complex application suites. An example of this is the Weasel, Badger and Wolverine application suite. Written entirely by Comtech and GSA staff, this suite was developed for a specific need, with the highest level of expertise, implemented and operated successfully agency-wide, and has served as the de facto intrusion detection and resolution mechanism for the internal GSA LAN/WAN environments.


Overall, by consolidating the IT Services contracts across the enterprise, Comtech has been able to work with OCIO to more effectively plan service delivery and implement processes that benefit GSA management and end users. We are able to provide evidence to track revenue growth for investment and utilization, manage the budget, implement effective risk management, and maintain effective communication with customers for all areas of the service delivery. This has resulted in a reduction of staff (315 from 460) and a reduction in cost from $70M to $40M per year.