Smart Talent Management

Smart Talent Management and Next-Gen Hiring Solutions

Comtech has delivered exceptional staffing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. What distinguishes Comtech is our partnering approach with our clients. Comtech follows a rigorous process to ensure that all applicants meet our high standards – and yours. Our Account Managers and Recruiters make the effort to understand you, your culture, and your needs.

Our Staffing Services offerings:

Full Time



SOW-based Co-sourcing

Full-scale team Positions (Leadership Roles & Hands-on Roles)

Comtech’s experienced team of staffing professionals has a proven track record of finding the best candidate and deploying them rapidly to wherever our clients need them, whether on a contract or permanent basis. Comtech leverages on its Innovative Platform for Identifying and Sourcing Unique Resources using the Social and Standard job repositories

Multimedia Enabled Interaction With Candidates

Our Skilent Exchange platform is a social platform that will provide a match between Job seekers and Job providers. The platform will utilize collaboration tools like, chat, online audio and video chat to enable a seamless communication between the two parties. Gaming concepts will be used to categorize candidates.

Skilent Platform

An Innovative Platform developed in-house that uses rich Analytics for Identifying and Sourcing Unique Resources using the Social and Standard job repositories.

Need for Skillent:

- Talent Shortage

- Disruptive Technologies

- Just-in time Hiring

- Informal & Interest Based

Analytics Based Hiring

An advanced way of finding hidden niche talents which involves: rating and ranking on skills; analytical-based profile evaluation; and integrating social media. This promotes reduced recruitment lead time, best matched profile for each position, and an assured pipeline of quality resources

Database of passive Candidates

We create outreach to passive candidates by blend in the social profile into professional qualifications, creating outreach mechanism to be able to catch them in their comfort zone and to bake in their interest areas while doing fitment.

Social Search

Our Skilent Platform provides a social platform which will provide a match between job seekers and job providers. Our complex search algorithms make finding your dream job, or finding a qualified candidate that much easier. Our platform enables finding unique candidates from both our enterprise database as well as our social platform that makes it unique to other solutions such as Dice, Monster and Career builder.

Career Apply

Comtech is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.Comtech’s accommodating environment encourages employees to generate innovative and creative ideas. Our family of employees is dedicated and goal-oriented, sharing our core values of integrity, respect, excellence and superior customer service.We value our employees, extending competitive benefits to attract and maintain the most talented individuals.