Telecom Case Study

Networx Transition Case Study

Comtech enabled GSA to seamlessly migrate circuits from FTS2001 to Networx


General Services Administration (GSA)


Migrate hundreds of telecom circuits from one vendor to another with no downtime.


A highly qualified project team with the experience to successfully execute the transition with minimal disruption


  • Top-notch project management using best practices
  • ISO 9001 certified service delivery mechanism
  • Technical expertise with complete understanding of the criticality of network connectivity, ensures the utmost care during transition to eliminate downtime
  • Cost-effective solution that frees GSA to focus on core business
  • Comtech’s extensive experience dealing with telecom providers and knowledge of the full lifecycle of telecom provisioning ensures efficient processes and task execution


Customer Profile

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is a geographically dispersed organization with 14,000+ employees in 11 regional offices. GSA is responsible for procuring offices, equipment and supplies for over one million federal workers in approximately 8,300 buildings in 2,000 U.S. communities and overseas.

Customer Challenges:

GSA previously utilized the FTS2001 contract vehicle to procure the majority of point-to-point connections between its regional offices and field sites.  GSA was required to transition all of these circuits to the new Networx contract within a limited time frame, which posed significant challenges to the agency.  Aside from the technical challenges of maintaining connectivity during transition from one vendor to another, there were numerous logistical challenges with regards to coordination of orders, installations, disconnects, asset management, and billing

Comtech's Solution:

  • Comtech brought its extensive project management and telecom service delivery experience to support GSA in this endeavor.
  • A defined set of processes and procedures, customized to integrate with the Agency’s established asset management solution, and a dedicated project team, with extensive technical and administrative expertise, ensured that the transition was handled in both a seamless and cost-effective manner for GSA.
  • Comtech developed an implementation approach that exceeded all of the Agency’s requirements for the transition from FTS2001 to Networx. This approach used established project management methods as well as an ISO 9001 certified service delivery process.
  • Since the full lifecycle of telecommunications provisioning is one of Comtech’s core businesses, the mature processes and procedures that Comtech developed and refined over the years minimized the risks and costs of the transition.
  • Combining this expertise with top-notch project management ensured project success

Overall Benefits:

Entrusting Comtech to manage all of the technical and logistical aspects of transitioning from FTS2001 to Networx allowed the GSA to focus on its core business.  Comtech’s proven service delivery mechanism and extensive experience in both IT and Telecom ensured the project’s success.